The graphics on these jackets were given to me to adjust the cut files for maximum yield out of our leather. I cut the wasted material in half while creating a system for organizing and drying that simplified the stitcher's process.
I decided what fit adjustments needed to be made for the Supreme X Vanson pants regarding the fit transition from their sample in soft denim to our leather garment. The result was a fantastically fitting casual pant that can be worn without bulk or restriction for the average body type. 
My role on this project was mainly to streamline the manufacturing process as much as I could in order to decrease production time.
For this jacket we had a lot of trouble with the stitchers lining up the "S" and being able to stitch while keeping proper distance from the border. I figured out how to embroider it and place it perfectly for a clean piece. It was ready to be showcased on this awesome Letterman's jacket. 
The jacket was a success and was worn by one of the all-time best rapper and was quoted saying "I love this jacket" pretty wild.
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